This Is How The Web Became Faster Thanks To The Google Speed Update

Google Speed Update

The Google Speed Update was officially launched in July 2018, and SEO experts, developers, site owners and webmasters would be glad to know that Google confirmed that the web became significantly faster thanks to this.

According to the search engine giant, the performance metrics of the slowest one-third of traffic had improved by 15-20% last year. More than 95% of the countries around the world had improved speeds too. Google also noted that the abandonment rate for navigations initiated from Search has reduced by 20%. In fact, the abandonment rate can now be measured in Chrome using the Network Error Logging API.

With these results, it seems that SEO professionals and website owners responded to the update positively by improving their loading speeds on both mobile and desktop. The reports and tools from Google are a huge help too, allowing them to get recommendations on improvements and implement them accordingly.

Originally, the Google Page Speed update only targets web pages that have a poor user experience. Nevertheless, SEO companies, site owners, developers and webmasters coped up with the changes since their organic traffic might suffer if their website loads slowly. So, it is better to make regular improvements rather than aiming for a perfect PageSpeed Insights tool score.

All details of this post were gathered from https://searchengineland.com/google-data-shows-page-speed-update-resulted-in-15-20-speed-increases-among-slower-sites-314942. Click the link to find out more.

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