This Is How You Can Deal With The Google Medic Update From Google

Google Medic Update

The Google Medic Update began to roll out last August, and it has been one of the largest core ranking updates from Google for 2018 that greatly impacted the SEO community. In line with this, Google’s John Mueller explained in a Reddit thread that when considering this update, it is better to look at a website in its entirety rather than specific areas only such as H1 tags.

According to Mueller, it is much better to compare websites with each other rather than simply changing links or title tags. He said that improving only some parts of the general quality of a website will be difficult without making improvements to it as a whole.

Mueller explained further that if a website’s ranking drops, it should not be considered a bad thing at once. This is because there is always something that can be improved from a technical point of view. However, if major core algorithm updates are involved, he suggests reconsidering things overall.

Moreover, Mueller pointed out that doing traditional search engine optimisation techniques such as tweaking H1s, getting links and inserting keywords are not the only things to concentrate on. Instead, he recommends understanding the audience of the website as well as its objectives, and how you would like it to rank as 2019 approaches.

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