This Is How You Can Improve Non-Ranking Websites

Non-Ranking Websites

In a recent webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller explained how SEO experts and site owners could improve their websites that are not ranking. One thing he noticed is that these websites are just as good as the sites in the current top ten in the search results. But the problem is it’s not going to be enough for a site to be just as good as those top sites.

Mueller commented that it’s a good step to make your website just as good as the other sites. However, Google’s engineering teams won’t have any incentive to put yours in the top ten since it doesn’t really offer anything better.

So to improve a non-ranking site, it’s suggested that you review your competitors and determine their positive and negative features. By doing so, you can discover the points that make their websites useful and popular, as well as their weaknesses which can provide you chances to be on top.

Aside from competitor research, Mueller discussed that it’s also imperative to think of an angle that can significantly set your website apart from most sites, making it really unique. This is a crucial thing to do especially for those who are in a very competitive niche.

In conclusion, it might not be enough to be just as good as the websites that are already at the top of the search results. However, it may be helpful to come up with an SEO strategy that can make your site better than the others.

This information was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-rank-better-google/269719/. Click here for more details.

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