This Is How You Can Monitor And Address Negative SEO

Negative SEO

There will be times when your competitors will try to drive down your rankings in search engine results by utilising negative SEO. By doing such techniques, they will try to reduce the authority of your website or get it penalised. Since your competitors do not control your on-page SEO, there are other ways that they will try to attack your website. Here are some of them:

Spammy inbound links

Probably the most usual form of negative SEO, spammy inbound links are those built on terrible websites like link farm sites. Having just a few highly spammy inbound links can plummet your rankings without you knowing about it. To prevent this, regularly check your inbound link profile. There are various link tools that you can use for this. One tool commonly used by SEO experts is AHREFS, where you can immediately disavow links that look spammy or suspicious.

Duplicate and scraping content

Competitors will sometimes steal contents from your website to help them achieve better rankings. Aside from the fact that your contents are copywritten material and not their own, this can also lead to duplicate content issues. Compared to spammy inbound links, this can be a bit harder to monitor. Thankfully, there are also online tools that you can use for this such as Copyscape, a plagiarism monitoring tool.

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