This Is How You Can Recover From The Negative Impact Of A Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update

It has been said repeatedly that there is “no fix” for websites that are negatively impacted by a Google algorithm update. Despite this, a lot of SEO experts still apply various website adjustments not just to take care of the issues but also to discover positive results from such updates.

Recovering from a negative impact

Websites that are negatively hit by a Google algorithm update are likely to experience a decrease in organic traffic. It’s not impossible to recover from this if all potential problems of a website can be quickly pinpointed and fixed. However, it should be noted that a full recovery may be challenging to achieve, and improvements may require quite a while to show depending on the gravity of the situation.

A common denominator of negatively hit websites

There is no single factor that causes websites to experience negative effects following a broad core algorithm update. But among the common reasons that are considered to contribute in such poor results are low-quality content, horrible user experience, and a bad reputation among the target audience.

Addressing the negative effects

Without a real quick fix for such negative effects, SEO companies and webmasters are advised to be mindful of what Google is saying to understand their situation properly. As far as a Google algorithm update is concerned, Google has always been saying that websites suffering from poor results will likely recover only when another core update has been rolled out. This is true for those who implemented major improvements to a website.

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