This Is How You Should Write The Meta Tags Of Your Website

Meta Tags

Even though Google doesn’t use meta tags in its ranking algorithm, SEO experts and website owners must remember that it still has an indirect effect on SERP, can influence the users’ first impression and improve click-through rates. With that in mind, here are some useful tips on how you can create them:

Do’s when writing meta tags

For title tags, it shouldn’t go beyond 65 characters as lengthy titles could be cut. It’s advisable to place keywords in the beginning to attract users.

For meta descriptions, it must be around 160 characters only, with high volume keywords in the beginning. Also, include a call to action or CTA to entice people to visit your website such as ‘buy now’ or ‘read here.’

Don’ts when writing meta tags

For title tags, look for synonyms instead of utilising a keyword twice. Never use similar titles for a number of pages.

For meta descriptions, don’t make them too long and just follow the recommended character count. Don’t make them too short either, as descriptions under 100 characters might not be used by Google.

Every SEO professional and website owner are expected to follow these things if they’re aiming to improve their SERP and meet the expectations of their users.

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