This Is How You Use The Disavow Tool When Getting Rid Of Bad Links

Disavow Tool

Once, in a Webmaster Hangout session, John Mueller discouraged site owners to use the disavow tool. This comment caused several SEO experts and webmasters to ask more questions about the topic. Both in a Reddit post and a tweet, Mueller clarified that his comment is applicable only if you aren’t responsible for the bad links in a website.

On Twitter, Mueller further explained how to use the tool properly. Some of those who conduct search engine optimisation on their websites were worried that being linked to 0-value directories and sites would hurt their rankings. But according to Mueller, these random links collected in the past years aren’t harmful and that Google can ignore those. What must be done is disavow paid bad links or those that are unnaturally placed on the website.

It was also revealed that Google hides the tool on purpose so people will have a difficult time finding it. Another reason behind this is that the majority of the sites do not need it. Google has been consistent since the release of the disavow tool up to now that it’s only for bad links that you know about. Mueller added that it’s not ideal to look for these links but if you are aware of them, go ahead and disavow them.

Details from this post first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/googles-disavow-tool/292187/. Click this link to know more.

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