This Is The Reason Why Google Refuses To Recommend A Meta Description Length

Meta Description

Google reverted the length of meta description to 160 characters, and this worried a lot of SEO specialists and webmasters since they might have to do a lot of rewriting. Despite this, it must be noted that Google never really recommended a specific character count for meta descriptions in the first place, even when they increased the limit to 320 characters in the past.

Google’s John Mueller stressed that the search results are dynamic. He said that it is necessary for Google to perform regular tests to see what is best for everyone. Moreover, meta descriptions will be displayed differently in mobile when compared to desktop devices. So if Google recommends a particular length, it can be too short for mobile devices or too long for desktop results.

In addition to this, Google’s Danny Sullivan explained that they avoid recommending specific lengths for meta descriptions so webmasters and SEO companies will focus on the needs of their target market. It is more important to improve the quality of contents rather than concentrating on the fixed length of meta descriptions that Google can change anytime or may not use at all. Sullivan also said that giving an exact character count is never helpful and might just be taken out of context by most professionals.

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