This Is What Google Has To Say About The Recent Search Algorithm Updates

Search Algorithm Updates

A lot of SEO professionals and website owners have noticed significant spikes and drops in search traffic in the last couple of weeks. Because of this, Danny Sullivan, search liaison of Google, has clarified a few things regarding the recent search algorithm updates to address the rising speculations.

Updates are released every day. Most of these updates result in changes that are not very noticeable, but they are always designed to improve Google, especially its search results.

Significant updates are confirmed. If Google releases an update that will likely be noticed by website owners and SEO experts, they will confirm it. According to Sullivan, they did this for the last page speed update for the mobile search results, wherein they made an announcement several months before it was officially rolled out.

Broad core updates are released occasionally. Everyone will also be updated regarding such updates. Rollout time for core updates can last for a week or more. Sullivan said that providing quality contents is the ideal thing to do after core updates are rolled out.

Google’s algorithms are not affected by search quality raters. They review and provide feedback for pages and does not impact rankings. However, Sullivan explains that one can improve their own content by understanding how quality raters assess various contents.

With Google finally setting the record straight, these clarifications should put an end to the speculations regarding their search algorithm updates.

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