This Is What Google Has To Say Regarding The Latest Search Algorithm Update

Search Algorithm Update

After all the rumours, Google has now confirmed that they have released a broad core search algorithm update last Monday, April 16th. With this, plenty of website owners said that they had been affected by the search algorithm update and many SEO companies even speculated that it’s still about low quality pages. Some have noticed immediate improvements in website rankings, while others have seen no changes at all.

To clarify this issue, Google explained that there’s nothing specific that websites can do to improve their rankings around these core search updates. They also advise website owners to focus instead on continuously improving the overall quality of their websites and employ SEO techniques. Once Google runs these updates again, hopefully, websites will acquire visible rewards.

Google also explained that the core search updates are done routinely throughout the year. In addition to that, they revealed that the communication for the broad core algorithm update was actually referenced from the previous core search update.

Furthermore, these Google updates are designed to generate more relevant search results. Some of the improvements in the search algorithm are broad, while others concentrate on specific changes only. So if you want to better understand such updates, it will be a good idea to seek the help of search engine optimisation specialists.

These details were gathered from https://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-rolling-out-a-broad-core-search-algorithm-update-earlier-week-296600. Click this link to find out more.