This Is What We Know About The New JavaScript SEO Guide Published By Google


Webmasters and SEO experts should take note of the recent guide published by Google that discusses the basics of JavaScript SEO. Most of it covers the same topics explored in a recent video series on the subject produced by Martin Splitt, who co-authored the guide with Lizzi Harvey.

The guide begins with a three-step process of processing JavaScript content, namely crawling, rendering, and indexing. It is followed by several tips on how to make JavaScript contents suitable for Google. For example, JavaScript can be used to change the meta titles and descriptions to come up with unique ones. There is also a tip on using lazy-loading when loading images the moment the user is about to see them. This is to improve performance and save on bandwidth.

On top of that, SEO professionals and webmasters are reminded by Google that JavaScript must be used carefully when changing the robots meta tag, as they may not work properly. If JavaScript is utilised for this, then the value of the meta tag must not be set to “noindex”. It is also advisable to check out the guidelines established by Google for troubleshooting JavaScript problems to ensure that the code used is compatible with Googlebot.

All information here was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-publishes-a-new-guide-to-javascript-seo-basics/. Click the link for more details.

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