This Is What We Know About The Recent Removal Of Public URL Submission Tool

Public URL Submission Tool

Just recently, the public URL submission tool was removed by Google. This tool has enabled users, particularly SEO experts and webmasters, to submit pages to Google’s index. Now, if one will search for “submit URL to Google” in the SERPs, the URL submission form will not appear anymore.

As a replacement, everyone is now recommended to use the Fetch & Submit tool found in the Search Console. Here, they can perform a fetch request for a URL using Fetch as Google. The tool will also let you pick if you want to crawl a single URL only or including its direct links as well. On the other hand, website owners can still use sitemap files to notify Google regarding new pages.

Users are only allowed to submit a maximum of 10 individual URLs each day. Also, the Search Console will only accept URLs from websites with verified ownership of the senders. This could pose problems for some people, especially SEO companies and website owners who usually send blog articles with links directing to their website.

It must also be noted that recrawling will take some time to be accomplished. Therefore, requests might take several days before they can be granted.

This SEO update was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-removes-public-url-submission-tool/263271/. To learn more, click here.

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