This Is What You Can Do Using The New Domain Properties Of Google Search Console

Google Search Console

It is now easier for SEO experts and website owners to track all data for an entire domain in Google Search Console now that the tool introduced domain properties.

Before this update, each one of the properties would have to be verified. And even if you do all of the individual verifications, reading the data can still be complicated because it was very fragmented. But now, domain properties can present data for all URLs under a particular domain name, including all paths, subdomains, and protocols. As a result, combining data manually will be greatly reduced. This feature includes the www, non-www, http, https and m-dot versions of a website.

Website owners and SEO professionals who already have DNS verification set up do not need to do anything else. Google Search Console will create domain properties automatically after a couple of weeks. However, if you do not have this, you can manually add domain property through the property selector dropdown found in any Search Console page. After adding this for the first time, wait for a number of days for data to appear.

Domain properties are highly recommended by Google. It must also be noted that this is atomic, so it will hold data for all included URLs during the property’s entire lifetime.

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