This Is What You Need To Know About Monitoring Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

Google is known for updating its search algorithm numerous times each year. Some of the most significant updates that have been released in the past years are the Broad Core Algorithm Update, Maccabees, and “Fred”. These Google algorithm updates often have a major impact on site rankings and the history of search engine optimisation. While there are updates that have been reported or observed, some of them are overlooked.

One reason why you should be tracking Google Updates is that these can impact your SEO tactics and strategies. They can either hurt or help your conversions, organic search traffic, ROI, revenue, and ranking or visibility.

In connection to that, there are plenty of SEO blogs that you can refer to when keeping track of major algorithm updates. Such resources include Search Engine Journal, Google Webmaster Central Blog, and Twitter.

Moreover, there are also a few tools that can help monitor algorithm updates. These include SEMrush Sensor, Accuranker ‘Grump’ Rating, MozCast, Rank Ranger Rank Risk Index Tool, Algoroo and more. However, take note that some spokespeople from Google have warned SEO experts that these tools are usually inaccurate. They can, however, provide an early warning that an update might be on the way.

While it’s not necessary to track these updates, it’s crucial that you understand such changes and adjust your strategies and tactics accordingly as they occur.

This information came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-guide/track-google-algorithm-updates/. Click this link for more details.

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