This Is What You Need To Know About Multifaceted Featured Snippets In Desktop Search Results

Featured Snippets

Google started rolling multifaceted featured snippets in the mobile search results earlier this year. Now, SEO experts and website owners are advised to keep an eye out as Google starts to test showing multifaceted featured snippets in desktop search results too. Although it seems the test is no longer active at the moment, it’s expected to roll out in search to everyone eventually.

Unlike other featured snippets, multifaceted ones will be shown for user queries that are too broad. The search results will provide more than one featured snippet, along with the original query rewritten as questions based on the algorithm’s understanding of the user intent, and the results shown in the featured snippets will reflect those new questions. This change has been done to address queries that are unclear and cannot be answered by a single answer. By giving searchers two answers, they will have different ways to understand the question.

Appearing in the featured snippet section is beneficial for any website as it can deliver a positive impact on their traffic. And now that Google begins to show multiple featured snippets for just one search result, this can significantly increase traffic. That’s why it’s a must for SEO companies and website owners to always monitor featured snippet updates on desktop and mobile search results.

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