This Is What You Need To Know About Subdomains And Subdirectories

Subdomains And Subdirectories

The argument between subdomains versus subdirectories has been one of the hottest issues for SEO consultants for many years. A lot of them prefer to use subdirectories for link equity purposes, while some choose to utilise subdomains for their own reasons.

Recently in Google Office Hours, a question regarding the difference between utilising subdomains and subdirectories came up. Google had already given their stand regarding this matter, saying that “either works for Google”. But to make things clearer for search engine optimisation specialists, Google’s John Mueller provided a more specific answer. According to him, they are fine with using either subdomains or subdirectories and see these setups as similar to each other.

Furthermore, Mueller mentioned that while there are tons of strong opinion on such matter, he thinks that it’s something that can go either way. He also recommended putting such setups on the same site as much as possible. So for SEO companies or experts who strongly prefer to go one way or the other, know that this is something to be careful of. But for those who have no problem in using either, make sure to keep them within the same site.

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