This Is What You Should Know About The SEO Practices Of Google


Just recently, Google revealed what they think about their own SEO practices, as well as the way they handle their 7,000 internal websites. They even mentioned that they carry out over 200 changes to those internal websites on a daily basis.

As part of Google’s own search engine optimisation strategies, it’s said that performing small changes on a website can make a huge impact in terms of search rankings. For instance, you can boost your site and eventually gain organic traffic by adding hreflang to XML sitemaps, canonicals and enhancing metadata.

Aside from that, it was also suggested that webmasters shouldn’t fear performing changes to their websites as these can offer better SEO results. For example, you can boost site impressions by improving your content, implementing structured data, adding AMP, and more.

Lastly, Google stated that having fewer sites and pages with top quality content actually works with them. This only means that consolidating websites can provide better SEO results in the long run. Or, In other words, having one great site instead of multiple microsites can eventually encourage organic growth.

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