This Is Why Content Relevance Is Important To Google

Content Relevance

Google conduct updates a couple of times a year, and these changes can make an impact on websites often made by SEO companies. Last March, on the 7th to be exact, there was an algorithm update which has been assumed to be targeting low-quality websites. But the truth is, as per one of Google’s webmaster trends analysts, the said update is more focused on content relevance.

With the latest update, Google now sees if your website is unrelated to specific queries. Because of this, it has also been noticeable the numerous websites that have lost their relevance over time. In fact, even if you have high-quality SEO content, your site will still be considered irrelevant if it cannot address the concerns of users.

If you’ve been affected by Google’s recent update, you’re now aware that it’s a must to pay attention to the aspect of content relevance. Getting feedback from users is always a great thing to know how they feel about your website. Also, thinking about the things you could have done or set up differently might lead to new ideas in boosting your search engine optimisation efforts. By checking all of these along with other technical details, you can gain high search rankings once again.

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