This Is Why Indexing URL Redirects Is Not Advised By Google


A number of SEO experts and webmasters are indexing URL redirects for their websites, and in a recent #AskGoogleWebmasters video, John Mueller addressed a question related to this. Here, he was asked if the Google evergreen Chromium can detect client-side JavaScript redirects, and Mueller clarified that such an action is not advisable and does not make sense at all.

Mueller explained that client-side redirects are considered by Googlebot as if they are server-side redirects. Even though Googlebot can indeed follow these JavaScript redirects, there is no need for this to be done. If a redirect URL is submitted for indexing, then Googlebot will see it as if the website owner wants a different URL to be indexed.

To avoid confusion, Mueller tells all SEO experts and webmasters to submit the exact URL they want to be indexed instead of the redirect ones. On the other hand, he advised everyone to ensure that Google can easily discover their preferred URLs. This can be done by using a sitemap file, which can help the search engine giant in locating URLs much quicker. As a result, URLs linked to within a website can be discovered by Googlebot when conducting its standard crawling process.

All information featured in this post came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-submitting-redirect-urls-for-indexing-doesnt-make-sense/. Click the link to see the full article.

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