This Is Why Search Engines Still Leads When It Comes To Information Gathering

Search Engines

For many years, plenty of individuals have been declaring the death of traditional search traffic and the search engine optimisation industry. And while Google showed constant revenue improvement from the core search business, some experts are convinced that using search engines for information gathering is a thing of the past. But what does the data say about this?

In a new research, users were asked questions and put into real-world scenarios that will let them select between search engines and other available options. And based on the gathered data, about 36% of the users would rely on search engines and only 5% of them would turn into social media when gathering information.

This suggests that while social media is a good choice for gathering advice, many still prefer to have control over how much and from where they will collect information. Across all the age groups, millennials (18-34 years old), were more likely to utilise search engines compared to users age 35-65.

So while the usage of social media is currently on the rise, only 69% of adults login every day. And with that, it is still a long way to go until social media totally takes over search engines.

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