This Is Why You Get Ranking Fluctuations When Publishing New Content

Ranking Fluctuations

John Mueller from Google explains that everyone must be wary of ranking fluctuations when publishing new content. It is a must for SEO experts and website editors to take note of this fact since this could greatly affect their digital methods.

Mueller stressed on this topic during a Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout when a website owner told him that their new web page ranked number 12 in the search engine results page of Google, then suddenly disappears a few days later.

According to Mueller, this occurrence is completely normal since Google spends the first two weeks indexing content. During this time, the search engine could overestimate or underestimate the ranking of the new content, thus the ranking fluctuation. Therefore, Mueller reminds SEO companies and website owners that they must not be alarmed if their new content suddenly disappears in Google search results after getting impressive rankings. Given a few days of indexing, they will surely appear on the search results page again.

So if you are a website owner or planning to work with an affordable SEO company, be sure to keep this in mind so you won’t have problems the next time you publish new contents.

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