This Is Why You Must Never Use Similar Content For Sites On Same IP Address

Similar Content

During a recent webmaster central office hours hangout, John Mueller from Google said that having multiple websites on the same IP address is never a problem. However, it can be alarming if those websites have very similar content and site structure. This news is something that SEO specialists and webmasters must take note of as this can affect the way they manage websites.

Mueller explained that websites having the same IP address is very common. In fact, a huge number of content delivery networks do this. In such case, Google will simply choose one of the pages for indexing so they can appear in the search results pages. But if Google detects similar contents among these websites, the search engine may consider them as a collection of doorway sites, particularly if they are featuring the same merchandise. This can ultimately result in the demotion of the websites.

With that being said, Mueller suggests that website owners and SEO companies should focus on managing fewer websites and producing stronger and more unique contents instead. This way, you can have different functional websites despite having only a single IP address.

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