This Is Why You Should Not Simply Remove Content That Receives Low Traffic

Low traffic

In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, John Mueller from Google gave a warning to SEO experts and site owners regarding web pages that receive low traffic. He explained that these pages with low views do not necessarily mean that they have terrible content, and it is not a good idea to simply remove them from your site.

According to Mueller, using a metric like page views is not advisable in determining if a particular content is low quality or not. Although such metric can help identify which contents are low quality, it’s not an automatic indication that the web page is not valuable and should be removed just because it doesn’t get enough views. Mueller said that it is up to the SEO professionals and site owners which contents have to stay or go since they are the ones who understand what’s good and bad for their websites.

Mueller also explained that the algorithms of Google do not consider the views a page acquires. Instead, they try to understand the value of the content. Therefore, a web page does not exactly contain a bad piece of content even though it is not used as frequently as others.

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