This Is Why You Should Prefer Normal Sites Over SEO Test Sites

SEO Test Sites

Many SEO companies use test websites to study the indexing and ranking of Google search results. But can Google index content from such sites?

A lot of signals Google utilises aren’t present in a test site. Usually, SEO specialists put technical work here, such as testing markup with Google’s testing tool. However, test sites lack a lot of things when compared to regular ones, such as links to social media accounts or About Us pages.

John Mueller from Google confirms that SEO test sites aren’t indexing very well since they seem too artificial, whereas their algorithm works well on normal ones. Seeing results in search engines can be much harder to do on a test site, unless when employing full SEO work on it. That’s why tests sites might not actually be totally accurate, and using a normal site that’s already indexed and ranking is much preferred. Moreover, it isn’t sure if all the effects seen in a test site is transferable to a normal one.

So if you’re working with affordable SEO companies and had some problems with test sites, don’t hesitate to leave them for real ones that Google can properly index.

This informative post is from http://www.thesempost.com/issues-indexing-seo-test-sites-google-search-results/. For more details, click here.


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