Tips For Lowering Your Bounce Rate

SEO Agency UK

Whether your website traffic is handled by an SEO agency UK based, by yourself or by an in-house team, it’s in your interests to keep a handle on your bounce rate. A high bounce rate means that your site visitors aren’t engaging with your product or services, so reducing that tends to equate to more interaction with prospective customers, and hopefully, more sales.

Remember, a high bounce rate means visitors are leaving that page without entering further into your website. So the first factor to check is whether it’s your content at fault. Here, there could be two major issues to address. One is the words that actually appear on the page – are they interesting, relevant, informative and engaging? If you aren’t confident in writing content for your own webpages – and many businesses aren’t – it can be well worth engaging with an SEO consultant that provides writing services. As well as ensuring relevant keyphrases are included, a professional SEO agency UK based can rework your messages to appeal to your target audiences. The other aspect to look at in terms of content is readability. If the way the text is formatted is unappealing, visitors can be deterred from reading what’s there, even if the words themselves are perfect. Something to avoid includes large blocks of text not broken up with white space. Use subheadings to help the reader navigate through the content. Bullet points, graphics and the occasional bold text can highlight and emphasise key information, and make the overall page much easier on the eye. Finally, in this respect, make sure you have a conclusion paragraph that includes a strong call to action.

What else turns readers off and causes them to leave a page quickly? One major irritation is pop-ups. These disrupt the visitor’s journey through the website and can make them leave the whole site in disgust, especially if they’re viewing the site on a mobile device and need information fast. Ask your SEO experts to minimise use of these where possible and make them as unobtrusive as you can. Another area your SEO expert, whether that’s someone within your team or an external professional, can help is by ensuring meta descriptions are optimised for searching users. If the meta description accurately and engagingly encapsulates the content they’ll find on the page, you’re more likely to be attracting the right visitors in the first place. In other words, they will already be a ‘warm lead’ for the content on your page. The next area worth considering is your site’s speed. Web users are impatient: if a page won’t load quickly, they’re likely to abandon their search and look elsewhere. So if your pages are taking longer than three seconds to load up fully and you can’t work out why, seek help from professional SEO services to get that site running faster. Finally for this time, ensure your site is mobile-friendly. That’s an absolute must nowadays when increasing numbers of people are searching for information on the go, on their smartphones.

There are many other ways that a good SEO agency UK based can help improve the length of visitors’ stay on your website and avoid high bounce rates. And that will ultimately translate into more sales and a better return on investment. Why not start by taking a look at the bounce rates for each of your pages today?