What To Know About Mobile-First Indexing And If You Can Opt-In Or Opt-Out

Mobile-First Indexing

For SEO experts, webmasters and site owners who are asking if Google has plans to let publishers have the option to opt into or out of mobile-first indexing, Mueller just gave an answer in #AskGoogleWebmasters’s latest edition.

In response to the question, Google’s John Mueller revealed that there’s no plan to give publishers or webmasters an opt-in or opt-out option for a type of indexing like mobile-first. However, he mentioned that moving all websites over to this kind of indexing was the long term goal.

Mueller also explained as to why mobile-first indexing hasn’t made its way to every site yet. He revealed that they’re testing to determine whether sites are all set or not by comparing the desktop and mobile versions. They’re doing this to ensure that they can still find all its content. And if they’re ready, then Google will switch them over.

Mueller’s response to the question clearly suggests that you won’t be able to control the conditions to which your website is crawled and indexed. This just means that you don’t get to pick the devices your site visitors use to access your website.

Using mobile-first indexing across the board is one of the goals of the search engine giant. And so, it’s important to ensure that your site can provide a fluid experience not only to desktop users but also to mobile visitors.

Details of this SEO post came from https://searchengineland.com/you-cant-opt-into-or-out-of-mobile-first-indexing-320932. Click here for further information.

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