What We Know About Negative SEO And Disavowing Links

Negative SEO

Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, recently spoke at Pubcon Florida where he discussed certain details about negative SEO. And there, he revealed that the cases of negative SEO aren’t the reason why websites have been hurt.

Aside from negative SEO or spam attacks, Illyes was asked if it’s ideal to disavow unnatural links that you haven’t built to prevent a ranking drop. He only said that the team is continuously working on real-time Penguin algorithm to make things better. He also pointed out that there are still many who blame negative SEO, but it’s worth taking note that an algorithm update or a website issue are other potential causes of decreased traffic.

Illyes also shared additional pieces of advice on disavowing. He said that it’s best to disavow links once the site has received a manual action or if the sites linking to you won’t remove them. Disavowing isn’t recommended if your website wasn’t penalised. SEO experts and site owners should also take note that inappropriate links pointing to a site is not a major concern. But if disavowing links makes you feel better, then you can do so.

The details used in this post were taken from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/gary-illyes-google-penguin-negative-seo-disavows/296609/. Click the link to learn more.

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