What We Know About Off-Site Sentiment And Its Impact On Search Rankings

Off-Site Sentiment

Danny Sullivan from Google explained on Twitter that search rankings are not affected by off-site sentiment, so SEO experts and site owners shouldn’t worry about it that much. This is in response to a user who asked if Google has a sentiment search operator, as it seems like search algorithm recognises sentiment when ranking websites.

Sullivan clearly confirmed that Google doesn’t acknowledge off-site sentiment. He also stated that there’s also no operator for searching by sentiment. In other words, any negative chatter regarding a website will not actually impact its rankings. Similarly, positive press around a particular website will not influence its ranking position.

So for sites that are getting plenty of links because of bad press circulating in the news online, Google will just take these links into account. However, they won’t recognise the site is being linked to due to something negative. For this instance, a site will (in theory) receive some benefits due to the link signals but will not be affected by the negative sentiment.

Although Google is not able to recognise sentiments, it can be a good thing for businesses that are receiving unfair criticisms as their rankings won’t be affected.

This interesting SEO news came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/googles-search-algorithm-does-not-recognize-off-site-sentiment/262627/. Head over to this link for more details.

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