What We Know About The Correlation Of Google My Business Photo Quantity To Search Performance

Google My Business

For many site owners and SEO experts, it can be quite unclear if Google My Business photo quantity does affect search performance or user behaviour. But does it really? To answer that question, here’s what businesses can expect from getting more GMB photos.

More calls, direction requests, and clicks

Since GMB photos are often seen in the same location as the call-to-action buttons, they can directly impact customer actions. That said, having more images on your GMB profile allows you to lead your customers from discovery to conversion. This then gives your business more phone calls, site clicks, and requests for directions.

More Search and Maps views

Aside from getting more views on search, having a high image number on GMB also gives you a lot more Maps views. For example, businesses like restaurants and cafes, which get reviewed and photographed regularly, have more Maps views. And that’s not surprising as most users tend to search for places to visit through Google Maps.

More discovery and direct searches

Businesses with more GMB photos also tend to get a higher number of discovery and direct searches than those who have fewer images. This particularly means that more customers directly search for your business name, or that they search for a service or product you offer and your listing appeared.

In conclusion, it can’t be denied that making an effort to get a high number of images on your GMB profile can potentially help you improve in searches, views, and actions.

Information used in this SEO post was gathered from https://searchengineland.com/new-research-shows-strong-link-between-google-my-business-photo-quantity-and-search-performance-320199. Know more by clicking this link.

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