What We Know About The Extended Length Of Page Titles In Search Results Snippets

Page Titles

According to a recent report, Google seems to have extended the length of page titles in search results snippets. When this post was written, it has increased to 83 characters on average from its original length of 55 characters. Since this will likely impact the creation of website contents, SEO professionals and webmasters should take note of this important update.

The change had increased gradually throughout September and finally spiked before the month ended. Since this has been sustained for at least two weeks, the change is probably not a temporary one.

However, SEO experts and website owners are advised to not update their title tags for now because Google has yet to make an official acknowledgement regarding this change. In fact, when Google extended the length of meta descriptions last December, they told everyone not to make any updates to their websites.

And since search snippets may be generated dynamically depending on search queries, Google can simply pull text from the contents of a website to make it more relevant depending on search queries. Therefore, it is not advisable to rewrite all of your page titles just to accommodate this change since Google will decide what it wants to display as a search snippet.

This SEO update was first published at https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-reportedly-extends-the-length-of-page-titles-in-search-results/271981/. To learn more, click here.

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