What We Know About The January 2020 Core Update From Google

January 2020 Core Update
Just yesterday morning, Google released an announcement via Twitter that they’ll be rolling out a new broad core algorithm later today – the January 2020 Core Update. Now the question is, what can SEO UK professionals and webmasters expect from the first update for this year?

According to the announcement, they’re launching the January 2020 Core Update like they always do several times every year. An hour after this public statement, Google said that the new core update is now live. They made it clear though that it will be rolling out to various data centres in the next few days.

As for those who are negatively affected by a core update before, Google gave advice on what to take into consideration. However, there aren’t any particular actions mentioned. As a matter of fact, an adverse rankings impact may not give any signs that there’s a problem with your web pages.

Remember that your site can either perform better or worse in the SERPs when Google updates its ranking algorithms. However, it can potentially give you an idea if there’s anything you should improve in your site or if Google changed something in their ranking algorithm. So with the rollout of the January 2020 Core Update, ensure to monitor your rankings and analytics.

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