What We Know About The New Page Speed Report In Search Console

Page Speed Report

Google has recently released the new page speed report in Google Search Console. Plenty of website owners and SEO experts have been anticipating the report’s rollout for months, with the earliest hints of its release appearing as early as February. Now that it is finally out, many are eager to see what benefits it can offer.

According to Google, the new report is ideal for keeping track of website fixes and performance over time. The primary function of the page speed report is putting URLs from Chrome User Experience Report into “Slow”, “Moderate”, and “Fast” categories.

It gives the users better insights into issues by identifying the causes of slowdowns. By clicking on these identified issues, users will be directed to the Page Speed Insights tool, which helps them efficiently resolve problems.  It even groups pages that have identical issues, making it easier for users to fix them all at once. Aside from identifying complications with slower pages, the report also lets users review their fast pages to know the cause of their good performance.

Though Google says the new page speed report is still “experimental”, it will be released to everyone and will be improved as time goes on.

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