What We Know About The Proper Way Of Writing Meta Descriptions

Writing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions refer to a short piece of written content which elaborates the information given in the title tag of your webpage and encourages searchers to click on your site. And as the world of search is ever-evolving, SEO copywriters should keep up by following the best practices in writing meta descriptions.

Aside from including target keywords in meta descriptions and ensuring that they’re readable and not duplicated, you must also keep an eye on the character length. Recently, it has been a standard practice for Google to set a predictable limit on the length of meta descriptions. However, it was also inferred that Google’s algorithm judges the usefulness of a description and shows more of the content if it answers the query of the searcher.

Meanwhile, in the mobile context, SEO experts must note that it isn’t ideal to assume that descriptions must be shorter. This is because there’s only very little difference in how Google presents such contents on different screens. Hence, similar to what has been mentioned earlier, if the description can answer a particular search query or has a relevant keyword, Google can show longer snippets even on mobile.

In conclusion, the trick here is to write a meta description that’s helpful to your readers and ensure that it’s properly marked up. This way, you can further boost your optimisation efforts.

These pieces of information were gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/07/03/writing-seo-meta-descriptions-in-2018-best-practice-across-mobile-and-desktop/. Click here to see the full story.

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