What We Know About The Security Warning On HTTPS And Non-HTTPS Sites From Google Chrome

Security Warning

Google Chrome announced that starting October 2018, a “Not Secure” message will be showing prominently in the browser bar. Since there are numerous secure sites these days, they will now flag the insecure ones using an enhanced security warning in the form of a red icon. Site owners and SEO experts alike must take note that this change may result in higher bounce rates for some websites and eventually lower conversions and sales.

Additionally, Google Chrome will change the way they handle secure websites. Currently, they use a green icon to show that a site is safe. But as soon as September 2018 begins, they will no longer display the green warning icon for secure websites. Google Chrome has come to this decision because they believe that HTTPS must be the default state of websites today. Also, they emphasised the fact that users expect a site to be secure. And so, it makes sense that a warning must only be shown during dangerous situations, not for safe ones.

Because of this forthcoming change, it would be advisable to convert your website to HTTPS. Otherwise, people may stop visiting your site upon seeing the red warning icon, and this may negatively affect your site’s ranking. To avoid dealing with this problem, it’s recommended that you seek help from an SEO consultant.

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