What We Know About The Volatility Of Featured Snippets In Google Search Results

Featured Snippets

Plenty of webmasters and SEO experts already know that it’s possible to lose a featured snippet for a certain search query and get it back within the day. This really happens even if you haven’t done anything to optimise for featured snippets, and this proves their volatility in Google search right now.

This topic has been supported by a recent study that examined the variability of the results of 4,999 search queries. The research has found out that there’s a substantial amount of volatile featured snippets in the Google search results. For instance, for 1,092 desktop keywords, it has been discovered that Google pulled contents from two different domains and used them as a featured snippet. Moreover, during the course of the study, the keyword ‘what is day student tuition’ showed the most variability. This is because Google used 12 domains to provide a featured snippet for the said keyword. Surprisingly, it also went for eight days with no featured snippet.

In conclusion, the study claimed that the volatility of featured snippets will continue in the future. This prediction also reflects what Gary Illyes from Google said last November. He warned that featured snippets would be volatile due to the active development of Google algorithm. So if you think this is something which concerns you and your website, know that it’s always a great idea to seek advice from a local SEO expert.

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