What We Know About The Warnings For Slow-Loading Pages From Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is now sending out warnings to SEO experts and webmasters regarding slow-loading pages. This new feature is quite helpful since it references measurement data from the Chrome User Experience Report, which details the significance of these metrics:

First Contentful Paint – The point immediately after navigation when pixels are rendered to the screen by the browser.

Time to Interactive – The time when a web page is visually rendered, making it capable of responding to user input reliably.

First Input Delay – Refers to the first interaction of the user with a website up to the time when a browser responds to them.

These warnings from the Google Search Console shows that it is monitoring the above metrics, allowing them to gauge the speed of a web page. With that in mind, SEO specialists and website owners are advised to start keeping an eye on these metrics.

In the warning messages that they send out, Google indicates that having slow-loading web pages can have an adverse impact on business metrics, as well as cause frustration among users. In case you receive this warning, Google recommends that you solve it immediately by using Lighthouse to audit pages, fixing low performing web pages, and updating your sitemap.

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