What You Need To Know About The Unconfirmed Halloween Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update

Recently, some members of the WebmasterWorld reported changes that began around Halloween. But with regards to this issue, Google has refused to confirm an update. Traditionally, this means that there’s really no Google algorithm update. Furthermore, Google has also constantly denied the Phantom updates that the search engine optimisation industry has been discussing.

Discussions of ranking changes in the WebmasterWorld happens almost every month or on a daily basis. And since such chatter is a daily occurrence, it can’t be an actual evidence of a Google update. Also, not all forum members are discussing the Halloween update. They were, however, still talking about the update that happened last August.

In addition to that, changes in long tail keyword phrases that some of the members are talking about is not a clear evidence of a Google update. This is because such phrases are rarely searched, making them unreliable update indicators. But what could be a true evidence? The real indicator of an update is if there’s already an intense discussion happening on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and WebmasterWorld simultaneously.

So since the signs aren’t just there and Google hasn’t provided any confirmation, it is very likely that there wasn’t an update. Instead, there could’ve just been some tests or an increase in featured snippets.

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