What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Chrome Speed Badge

Chrome Speed Badge

In order to help motivate users to boost site speed, Google Chrome has announced that they’ve been planning to implement badging soon. This update will be used to inform publishers if their site has a slow load time, and at the same time, reward those that load fast. But what can website owners and SEO experts really expect from this upcoming Chrome speed badge?

Google stated that the purpose of the speed badge is to warn users that a particular site loads slowly before even clicking a link. But as for fast loading sites, the loading progress bar will appear green as a sign that the website is fast. In addition, Google said that their early studies would look at several Chrome surfaces like context menu for links, loading screen, and loading progress bar.

As for the roll-out of the Chrome speed badge, Google revealed that they’re still considering to experiment with various options as to know which one gives the best user value. They’ve also confirmed that they’re planning to add other performance badges aside from speed. While Google Chrome has clearly stated the purpose of the speed badge, it’s still unknown how they’ll be able to do it.

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