What You Should Know About The Broad Core Algorithm Update From Google

Broad Core Algorithm Update

Recently, Google confirmed that a new broad core algorithm update had been rolled out. They clarified that the update was made to enhance the way Google matches search queries to relevant results. It should be noted too that the broad core update is a major algorithm change. Therefore, SEO experts and webmaster should take this into account.

In addition, Google included in their official statement that the loss of rankings of certain websites was not caused by poor quality issues. They explained that there’s no fix for pages that perform less well. However, SEO professionals must take note that it’s still important to focus on building engaging content as it may rise relative to other pages over time.

As Google insists that there’s nothing specific to fix during such changes, it not a bad idea to study negative results when you see it. At the same time, if your site lost its rankings, take time to study top performing sites or just wait as results may change after a few days.

So if your site’s rankings have dropped following a major algorithm update, it’s not always because your website had done something wrong. What you should do is study the SERPs first and try to understand why Google thinks users prefer a site with impressive rankings.

These details were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-update-confirmed/264105/. Head over to this link for more information.

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