What You Should Know About The New Type Of Alerts From Google Search Console

Google Search Console

For websites that have experienced significant drops in clicks, Google is now sending out a new type of notification from Google Search Console. Such alerts are intended to notify webmasters and SEO experts about the change on their websites in Google Search Console.

Google will basically analyse and compare a website’s weekly clicks to query clicks in the Performance report. They’ll then send out the alerts once they notice huge fluctuations on the website or if the data is substantially off compared to the previous weeks.

One of the possible reasons for a substantial drop in impressions or clicks from Google search is that a web page may no longer rank in the position where it ranked before. Another reason is that certain news-related searches might have stopped trending. However, in case your website rankings dropped, then a technical issue might be behind it. So what you should do is try to fix the problem by carrying out some SEO audit work.

These new Google Search Console alerts can significantly help you to keep track of the changes in the performance of your website in Google search. At the same time, this allows you to spot the issues beforehand and deal with them before they seriously affect your business.

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