What You Should Know About The New Update To Reviews Rich Results

Reviews Rich Results

Just recently, an update to Reviews Rich Results was released by Google. This update is intended to boost the Reviews Rich Results for users, as well as deal with abusive implementation and apply limitations to where the rich results trigger. Now here’s why SEO professionals and webmasters should care about this update.

Just to make it clear, review snippets may appear in Google Knowledge Panels or rich results as stated in the Review Snippet developer page by Google. The said update will then limit the rich results reviews being displayed and will not show reviews outside that limit. At the same time, self-serving reviews in the featured snippets. will not be shown as well.

As part of the update, a mandatory requirement for name property will also be implemented. If you’re using a schema structured data plugin, you should check if it includes the “name” property. But if this isn’t included in your plugin, then try updating your plugin. If there’s still no “name” update, you can get in touch with your plugin maker to know when it’s coming.

But while the “name” property is needed, there’s no confirmation that the Reviews Rich Results will disappear if you don’t have such requirement. Still, there’s no doubt that this update is important for SEO experts and publishers who rely on reviews structured data.

This post used details gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-reviews-rich-results-update/326075. Know more by clicking the link.

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