Why Affordable SEO Companies Tackle Technical SEO Before Link Building

Affordable SEO Companies

Link building is a vital part of your SEO strategy. It gives your website, and therefore your company, authority. Link building increases your reach and aligns you with other leading voices in your sector. Most importantly, good links bring new audiences, which in turn convert to new customers. However, top quality, affordable SEO companies know that this only remains true if your on-page content is up to scratch.

Many SEO experts recommend that before you even consider link building, you should ensure that your website is finished, your content is relevant, up to date, and engaging, and that nothing is broken or missing. The best way to achieve this is through a technical SEO audit. Analysing your website should include looking at site structure to determine internal link placement and evaluating your top performing pages for linkable assets. This undertaking helps you discover the existing content that will help guide your SEO link building strategy. Much of this can be done using Google tools such as the Google Search Console and Google Analytics. However, if you do not truly comprehend what you are looking at, then you will be none the wiser. Affordable SEO companies with experience in SEO audits and link building will know the analytics they need, understand what the analytics are telling them about your pages, and be able to explain what needs to be done to improve click and conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Other tools can be used to find 404 errors. These errors crop up whenever a link or a page is broken. Broken links and missing pages do not instil confidence.

However, it is not enough for your SEO company to simply fix these links and pages, you must also ensure that the content they contain can compete with that of your competitors. And that is something your affordable SEO consultant can do. Once this step has been completed, it is also important to undertake a backlink audit. If there are irrelevant or spammy sites linking to your website, this could be affecting your traffic, your analytics, and potentially the experience of those visiting your site. Your SEO company will know how to deal with such backlinks and how to stop them from interfering with the type of backlinks that you want to see. It is important to undertake such audits regularly. Most affordable SEO experts recommend that you undertake them monthly for the first three months and then quarterly after that. You should see results within four months of undertaking the audits and acting on the results of the audits. Only once you have your website up to scratch and competing effectively with your competition can link building really help you to build your audience and your business.

A technical audit helps you to see where there are problems with your website and the effects that these issues are likely to have on your visitor and conversion numbers. Once you have completed the audit and acted on the findings, you are ready to work with one of the many excellent affordable SEO companies to create links that will take your website to the next level.


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