Why SEO Is More Than Just The Big Three Google Ranking Factors

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Ever since Google revealed the three big factors that affect the search engine’s rankings – namely RankBrain, content and links – there has been a view that these are the three most important things to get right with SEO. However, you should expect more from your optimization SEO services.

There’s no denying the impact of getting content and links right in order to rank highly with Google. Content must have depth, relevance to users and be optimised with the likes of header tags, title tags and so on. The concept of linking, or link building, should be built on the foundation of approaches such as interlinking, backlinking and crawlability. As Google has revealed, these two pillars are undoubtedly important factors in ranking highly on the search engine. But it’s important to note that this information was confirmed in 2016. As time marches on, so too does the AI and algorithm systems used by Google. As these elements continue to be updated, what Google constitutes as good search engine optimisation is constantly changing. But one thing that changes at a much slower rate is the accepted behaviours and principles of good SEO site optimization.

When it’s not clear how the formula stands every month, week, or day, we can fall back on these core behaviours and principles to ensure that our SEO continues to tick those invisible boxes. But what exactly are the other factors at play?

We’ve already covered the importance of links and content, but there are also a few other considerations too – such as responsiveness, engagement, and the technical side of your website. Mobile responsiveness is a must-have feature on every modern website – enabling all your users to receive the same experience no matter their browsing device. It can also refer to the speed at which your pages load. User engagement also plays a huge part in retaining visitors to your site. It’s also something that many SEO web optimization experts believe to be a factor when it comes to Google rankings. Things such as the click-through rate, bounce rate and the number of pages consumed per session by users intersects with your ability to host engaging, relevant content on your website. Then there is the way that your website is structured from a technical perspective. This can include how many broken links or redirects occur on your website, security (such as having a HTTPS website) and the crawlability of your site (which also intersects with linking). These are just some of the things that any business or person running a website should receive help with as part of their optimization SEO services.

When it comes to search optimization, you should expect more than just receiving relevant and engaging content – it’s about crafting a lasting, effective, and supportive working relationship. You want optimization SEO services that can provide conversions, user engagement, and click-throughs supported by relevant content. This is why getting high Google rankings is about more than just one or two factors.


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