Why You Need Local SEO Services For Businesses That Understand The Value Of A Blog

Local SEO Services For Businesses

All successful businesses understand the importance of SEO, but many still underestimate the importance of having a blog and the role it plays in improving search engine rankings. Too often, blogging is still seen as a luxury that can be ignored when budgets are tight. However, this is very far from the truth. In our own new blog, we explore why you need local SEO services for businesses which offer blogs as an integral part of their SEO approach.

Regardless of whether the key purpose of your website is self-service, lead generation or e-commerce, you are constrained in the keywords you use to improve your rankings. This is primarily because you need to ensure that they are relevant. Having relevant keywords helps to ensure in turn that your content is also relevant, and that you are offering your visitors high-quality content that positions you as a source of expertise in your sector. Without a blog, this is difficult to do; you are constrained by space and the relevancy of the pages in your website. A blog created with support from local SEO services for businesses allows you to expand the depth and breadth of your content. When you do this, you can outrank your competition and dominate the SERPs (search engine results pages). A blog also provides additional touch points for visitors to discover your brand. Moreover, creating new and broader content allows you to expand your keyword set, and all without losing relevancy. SEO companies can expand your keyword set; find and use appropriate and effective long-tail keywords; and make the most of local search terms. The right SEO company can do this without losing sight of the need for high quality content that offers value to your visitor and sets you as an expert; therefore, meeting the requirements of the latest Google algorithms.

Of course, your local SEO company are only providing value for money if your increased click-through rate converts into higher sales. If you are still losing customers through the conversion funnel, then something is missing from your approach. When a visitor enters the funnel, they often do not realise they have started their buying journey. They may have only come to research a service or a product to compare what different brands offer. Some may be looking to have questions answered or problems solved. Where the sales funnel works effectively is when the move from searching to buying is seamless. Again, this is where a well written blog can help. Where your blog offers answers, solutions, product comparisons and expert opinion, your visitor is more likely to convert their interaction into a sale. You become a trusted source and therefore your visitor does not feel the need to shop around. However, to achieve this, your website and your blog must offer the right information at the right time. This means that your small business SEO company must understand your visitors and where your sales funnel is most vulnerable to losing potential customers. By identifying these key areas, you and your SEO company can create content that recognises the customer’s concerns at that point and offers guidance and reassurance that they are on the right path.

Your blog is only going to help you achieve better ranking, though, if people can find it and be enticed into reading it. For this reason among others, it is crucial that you choose local SEO services for businesses that understand how to market your blog, including through social media, and the all-important social media snippet.


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