Why You Should Consider Links Irrelevant If They Are Not Appearing In Google Search Console

Google Search Console

In a recent discussion on Reddit, John Mueller of Google addressed a couple of questions about the Google Search Console since it only shows a sample of links in link reports. According to Mueller, links that are not appearing in this tool can be considered as generally irrelevant. This means that SEO professionals and webmasters can stop being worried if particular links can negatively affect them as long as they are not showing in the Search Console.

Mueller further explained that the only exception for this is if the Search Console shows numerous paid links that the users have added. When the webspam team is done examining the situation, they may advise SEO experts and website owners to clean up all of their paid links, including those that are not listed in the Search Console.

As an example, Google will not list all URLs on a website if it has site-wide paid links. Nevertheless, taking care of it across the entire website is still important, and this can be done by disavowing the whole domain or getting rid of the paid link.

This topic has been debated for a long time now, so be sure to study the data provided by Google and use third-party tools when it comes to this.

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