Why You Should Make Your Content More Relevant To Recover From The August Algorithm Update

August Algorithm Update

In a Google Webmaster Central hangout, John Mueller recommended to SEO experts and webmasters to make their content more relevant to recover from the August algorithm update. This is in response to a user who asked how soon they can see changes after fixing their content due to the last core update.

Mueller added that in terms of core algorithm updates, it’s not about fixing particular issues. He clarified that Google now cares more about how relevant the content is to the search queries, rather than looking at sites and saying it’s bad and it should be fixed. Having said that, site owners should take time to check their content especially those that dropped in rankings after the August’s update and make it more relevant.

However, it’s worth noting that it may take some time for Google to process the changes made on the contents. Mueller explained that this is an ongoing procedure where they’ll review, process and reindex the pages then reassign the signals.

So since there is no fixed timeline and could take a long time for the improvements to be reflected in the search results, webmasters should remember not to be discouraged along the way. But if you’re having trouble on improving your content, know that there are many SEO professionals who can help you out.

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