Why You Should Not Be Alarmed About Your Rankings If The Google Cache Is Showing Or Not

Google Cache

There are times when a Google cache link is clicked, it will show a 404 error instead of the webpage’s Google cache version. Some people, on the other hand, noticed that at certain times, they would not appear in the search results at all. And because the results are served from various datacenters, the Google cache can sometimes disappear and appear between reloads. These occurrences made SEO professionals and website owners rather worried. That’s why John Mueller clarified that Google cache is not a ranking factor, regardless if it is shown or not.

Moreover, webmasters can use the noarchive tag to remove cache versions of their webpages from the search results. According to Mueller last August 2017, pages that use noarchive tags would not encounter any negative effects when it comes to rankings. By applying this tag to your webpages, you are allowing Google to still crawl your webpage like it usually does as long as there are no signals that will stop it from doing otherwise.

Therefore, all SEO experts and website owners are advised not to worry in case they get a 404 error when clicking Google links or if they are not showing properly in the search results.

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