Why You Should Not Be Worried About Google Search Dropping Support For Flash Content


Many SEO experts are talking about Google’s recent announcement that its search engine will no longer index and rank any online content that uses Adobe Flash. With this change, the search engine traffic of websites that are designed entirely using the platform or make use of its SWF files will inevitably drop. Google stated that the changes are expected to take effect later in the year.

Google said that most websites and users would not experience anything significant from this update. This is likely because many modern devices and browsers have already stopped supporting Flash content a long time ago. The platform was introduced by Adobe way back in 1996 as a way to make better, more dynamic content and websites, and its popularity skyrocketed in the late 90s. Its prominence started to wane, however, as soon as big companies like Apple stopped supporting its use.

Though only a small number of websites still use the platform for their content, they should consider upgrading as soon as possible if they want to save their search engine optimisation efforts. Google advocated the use of newer forms of JavaScript and HTML5, which could serve as good alternatives for Flash in the future.

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