Why You Should Not Relabel Your Old Webpage Contents

Old Webpage Contents

According to John Mueller of Google, relabelling old webpage contents to make them new but without making additional changes is considered as a bad SEO hack. From a user perspective, he said that such contents lead to confusion among users.

He explained that “good content is not lazy content.” If a user finds out that the content they are seeing is old and was just simply relabelled as new, it might degrade the authority of the website or the writer. Mueller suggests that website owners give due respect to the users by providing them with great contents.

To emphasise this, Mueller tweeted an example about updating title tags that have certain dates on them, such as changing 2018 to 2019 just to make them timely.

However, this does not mean that webmasters and SEO experts should leave their old contents alone. It is important to maintain, update, or even delete them (if necessary) to make sure that they are not outdated. Mueller clarified that doing these things does not guarantee a boost in ranking, but it is still better than doing nothing.

Therefore, if you are planning to relabel old contents in your website without doing the proper changes, then maybe it’s time to come up with new and more effective strategies.

This interesting SEO update first appeared on https://www.seroundtable.com/old-content-as-new-seo-hack-26220.html. Click here for more information.

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