Why You Should Pay Attention To The Upcoming Google Speed Update

Google Speed Update

Since the new Google speed update is expected to roll out sometime in July, John Mueller from Google recently talked about this topic, making both webmasters and SEO experts aware of its impact on their sites’ rankings.

According to Mueller, the upcoming update differs from the one that happened last April 2010. This is because it won’t just measure the speed of pages and penalise those that are too slow. The new speed update will also work on a gradual scale, which means small improvements in terms of page speed can help in boosting your overall rankings. Hence, the faster your web pages are, the greater the chance that Google will take your site into account in terms of ranking.

Furthermore, Mueller clarified that the slowest sites are the only ones that will be affected. So if your website loads fast, tweaking it won’t change anything. This also means that your optimisation efforts shouldn’t solely focus on speeding up your web pages. To determine the most important areas of SEO that you must work on, never hesitate to seek advice from the experts.

This information was gathered from https://www.seroundtable.com/google-speed-update-scale-25980.html. To read the full story, click here.

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